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Female Pelvic Floor Treatment



We treat women throughout all trimesters of their pregnancy. It is not normal to experience pain or leakage during pregnancy. Both tend to get worse as the pregnancy progresses, so it is best to treat it early.  Pelvic floor treatment is extremely safe during pregnancy. We also see women who are not experiencing any issues to focus on preparation for delivery through breathing techniques, delivery education, and muscle strengthening.


We treat postpartum women recovering from vaginal and cesarean deliveries. We can help to reduce pain caused by vaginal tearing or a cesarean scar. We address abdominal separation to help improve core strength and low back pain. We can help with urinary urgency or leakage and any sensations of heaviness in the pelvis. All of these issues are common during the postpartum period, but do not always clear up without pelvic floor physical therapy.
Urinary Health

We see women who have a variety of bladder issues. Urinary problems may be urgency or frequency, leakage from laughing or sneezing, leakage from triggers like entering the home or hearing running water, or getting up frequently at night. All of these can be improved through bladder education and pelvic floor therapy no matter how long they have been going on.
Sexual Health

We treat women who experience painful intimacy at any period of her life. This could be new pain or pain that has been a bother for a while. Usually, pain is due to muscle tension in the pelvic floor. Through our hands on treatment and breathing/stretching exercises the tension can be resolved and pain relieved.
Bowel Health

We treat women who are experiencing constipation, incomplete emptying, fecal urgency, or fecal incontinence. This can be treated rather it be new or a long standing issue. Issues with bowel health is often related to muscle tension in the abdomen and pelvic floor, not allowing for evacuation. Through education on bowel habits, stretches, breathing techniques, and myosfascial release patients have much improved symptoms.  
Pelvic Girdle Pain 

​Pelvic Girdle pain can be pain in the sacroiliac (SI) joint, lumbar spine, hips, or abdomen. Pain can occur with activities such as walking, exercise, stairs, or more. Additionally, pain in the pelvic girdle may occur during standing or sitting. Being very central in the body, the pelvic girdle can refer to variety of places. We will fully assess the pelvic girdle to identify areas of pain, weakness, and more. Through exercise, stretches, and education we can reduce pain. 

Expert Physical Therapy

Our team of highly skilled pelvic floor physical therapists are dedicated to providing expert care for a wide range of pelvic floor issues. We understand the impact that these issues can have on your daily life, and we are here to help you regain your strength, mobility, and confidence.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At PelvicSynergy Physical Therapy, we believe in the power of personalized treatment plans. We take the time to listen to your unique needs and goals, and tailor our therapies to address your specific orthopedic concerns. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Compassionate Care

At PelvicSynergy Physical Therapy, we understand that dealing with pelvic floor issues can be challenging both physically and emotionally. That's why we provide compassionate care and support throughout your treatment journey. We are here to guide and encourage you every step of the way.

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