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PelvicSynergy Physical Therapy was founded to provide support and relief to people struggling from pelvic floor dysfunction, men's health conditions, and women's health conditions throughout Chicagoland.


Pelvic floor related conditions are commonly assumed to be permanent issues. Too often people are told their conditions are something you should "learn to live with." Issues including painful sex, incontinence, and pelvic pain. Well, each condition is very TREATABLE and we are here to help you.


Another common misconception is that pelvic floor related conditions are a "woman's problem" or have to occur during "aging", but the truth is that pelvic floor conditions affect anyone, man or woman, at any period in the lifespan.


Our specialized clinic and team are ready to provide relief! Our staff is highly trained in pelvic floor treatment and all of our appointments are one-on-one in order to provide personal care for your personal issue. 

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